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The multi-award winning Gas Fest is a unique ‘for industry, by industry’ in-person and virtual platform that convenes leaders, policymakers, experts, stakeholders and influencers across the fuel value system to explore the role of gas as a marine fuel in the transition towards a carbon neutral future.


With 100% of previous participants agreeing it's "not just another Gas event", this 'by-invitation-only' industry gathering engages participants on a unique journey of discovery and collaboration. 


In a post-Covid world, Gas Fest will be an important platform to explore drivers, enablers and issues impacting the marine fuel mix at large, as well as defining and articulating the role of gas as a a marine fuel in achieving the IMO 2050 targets. 


Acknowledging the combined value of experience and diversity of views that make up Gas Fest participants, we employ a uniquely engaging methodology to get the most out of our time together. With a combination of keynotes, work groups, chat rooms and solution pods, we ensure everyone contributes to a more sustainable maritime future. We utilise graphical scribing to capture the discussions 'as they happen'. The 'Fest' in Gas Fest also means we plan to have fun while we solve the most complex challenges facing our industry! 

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Feb 2019

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"Show me any other industry conference with this concrete action plan and strong commitment to act"

VP, Wärtsilä

Sustainability + Transparency

Gas Fest is about gathering the right industry stakeholders to collectively lead the way toward a greener future. As industry experts, all attendees are in pivotal positions to do something about the state of our planet.


Gas Fest will be planned and produced with sustainability as a core value. We will actively employ new ways to decrease the carbon footprint of the event.


Please send comments and suggestions to

Gas Fest Moderation

We know that sustainable events are better events.

Sustainability at events can improve efficiency, quality, the participant experience and accelerate innovation. 


This holistic approach to sustainable event management can reduce costs, improve environmental impact, build stronger brand reputation and leave a powerful social legacy in the community and for future generations.

At Gas Fest we will:



  • Rethink event design

  • Collaborate with partners and suppliers to maximise impact


  • Food consumption and event waste through recycling

  • Resource intensive substances


  • Certified suppliers

  • FSC and recycled papers

  • Fresh, local, seasonal produce (organic when possible)

  • Fair trade and cruelty-free options

  • Energy efficient alternatives


  • Disposables, bottled water and single-use items

  • Hazardous chemicals

  • Unethical business practices


  • Local communities

  • Leave educational legacy

  • Donate time, materials and resources

  • Offset emissions to support development​