Not just another gas event

The multi-award winning Gas Fest is a unique ‘for industry, by industry’ in-person and virtual platform that convenes leaders, policymakers, experts, stakeholders and influencers across the fuel value system to explore the role of gas as a marine fuel in the transition towards a decarbonised future.


With 100% of previous participants agreeing it's "not just another Gas event", this by-invitation-only industry gathering engages participants on a unique journey of discovery and collaboration. 

Gas Fest does away with endless PowerPoint presentations found at most industry conferences; instead engaging the expertise of each and every participant in solution groups that can practically influence and tackle the challenges for the 'gas as marine fuel' industry. Instead of experiencing a typical conference agenda, virtually or in-person, participants are taken on a journey (see journey map) that will bring forth the true issues at hand and provide a setting for collaborative and meaningful discussions. 

In a post-Covid world, Gas Fest will be an important platform to explore drivers, enablers and issues impacting the marine fuel mix at large, as well as defining and articulating the role of gas as a a marine fuel in achieving the IMO 2050 targets. 

Gas Fest Interaction

Download Executive Summaries from previous in-person and virtual editions

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May 2022

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Nov 2020

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Sep 2021

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Feb 2019

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Apr 2021

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Nov 2017

"I got much, much more out of this than any event I've attended to date."

Global Head, WinGD

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